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Can you make a mac version I have a windows tablet but I have a mac and I want to use this

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I’m Sorry but I have no plans on making a macOS version at the moment, as I don’t have access to one and its environment seems to be a bit restrictive for apps like this (especially when it’s not digitally signed on an actual Mac device)

But source code is available for any macOS developers interested in trying something like this, contributions are welcome.

Please Update to give the ability to play custom music from file in BGM.  Please!  This is my go to launcher right now to launch my Doom Mods!  

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You want a built-in music player or the ability to add a background music to the launcher?

If it is the latter you can already to that, there are example themes that have their own music files included with the download.

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Thanks for getting back to me! 

Ability to play music from a folder randomly in background when I start Ninty is actually what i want to do to be exact...  How could this work?

Unfortunately this is not a feature, it is only possible to have a specific song playing every time you open the launcher, as part of the themes feature I mentioned.

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NINTY 2 Integrated "Over the Game" Music player feature perhaps ? maybe?   I'm just trying to relive the OG XBOX days in my 30s I guess tho haha I could dreamcast to tho right?  do you see where I'm going with this on the theme kinda thing here?  AAAAhhh well what do I know right, I'm just a Playstation kid with a love of XBOX and Nintendo, I guess I'm just a Gameboy color me Advance...?

At this moment I can’t really tell if an “over the game” music player would work reliably on all platforms, but I’ll see what I can do.

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Applauds Loudly from three gamers in room!

im on windows 10

Hey Just Asking, How Do I Access The Assets?

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What exactly? Your user configurations, the default themes or the resources used in the launcher source code?

assets for the icons.

You can find them on the repository linked in the description of the page.

Here is a direct link:

is there a chromebook version of this please

Unfortunately no. But the next major update will have Linux support.

the what seems to be unskippable tutorial at the beginning is a little much.

If you close the launcher and re-open it. It will automatically skip the starter guide.

Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to rename the application display title when adding/modifying an application, like when choosing a thumbnail, also have the option to change the display name?

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To rename an app or game you just have to click on the name. As mentioned in the manual.

Sorry about that, I thought I tried to do that, and I forgot there was a manual, maybe including a link to it in the launcher like in the settings menu or the information screen could be helpful. Your launcher is so thorough I thought I would be able to find everything I needed within it. 

Could you make an Android version? This would be awesome to use on the AYN Odin or on Android phones with something like a Razer Kishi.

Not sure about making an Android version, but Ninty 2 will be ported to Linux.



Yo this looks sick! Have you thought about making a Linux version of this on Github? The Steam Deck would hugely benefit from this.


I’m working on a new version that has native support for Linux, I post my devlogs on my Discord server.

Oh Hi Can i Play Super Mario UniMaker Deluxe?

(Yes or No)

Wel… This page if for Ninty Launcher. The source code for UniMaker Deluxe can be found on my GitHub though.

Oh Okay So how can I Play it?

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You download gamemaker studio 2 and run the Unimaker_DX.yyp file and watch the game get compiled then the game will get launched.

i tried it and its vulnerable to automatic crashes.

Automatic crashes?


its cool! and I'm surprised games not made by you work here! amazing 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10


this is amazing! 10/10, one of the best launchers ever!


this is awesome

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Over 100 predefined icons? so cool! I think you should make a bigger deal about it. There are other launchers, even ones you can style after the switch, but none of them have a predefined reggie icon.

Ninny is so cuuuute!


Thanks, A lot of people helped me with the icons. All contributions are welcome, the database can be found on